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Welcome to Axelrad Clinic Academy

We're so happy to have you here! Please watch this short video to make sure you know how to get the most out of your membership...

Step 1: Join the Axelrad Clinic Academy Connect Facebook group

This is where you and I will interact, and where I'll answer everyone's questions. Remember your input and questions will benefit everyone, and everyone else's input and questions will benefit you! So, DON'T BE SHY. We're here to grow and evolve together.

Also I will be posting "members-only" content in here. As you have demonstrated that you are more interested in really growing and achieving a higher state of being than the "average" person, you're going to get more than just the "average content". I'm going to share stuff in here I don't share on the regular Facebook or on the blog. So, I hope you enjoy the special content!

Step 2: Bookmark this page - https://academy.axelradclinic.com/courses/

Bookmark the courses page so you're never more than a click away. When new courses and materials are added, I'll let you know via email. 🙂

Step 3: Add '[email protected]' and '[email protected]' to your email whitelist

I'll be sending you updates via email when new courses are added, along with emails linking to videos and other inspirational materials that are "members-only". To make sure you get them, please add the above emails to your safe email list (whitelist).

Instructions on how to add these to your whitelist for just about ANY email software/system can be found here.


Step 4: Access Your Courses

It's time to start learning and taking action. Click the button to get started...


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