You’ve just made one of the most important discoveries of your life…

This resource is designed for those unfamiliar with Axelrad Clinic Academy — and for our past, present, and future patients and academy students looking for continual inspiration, renewal, and healing guidance.

It’s also a road map of sorts.

Read it carefully, and commit it to memory if you can. It is, essentially, the cosmology of growth, transformation, and self-realization.

You see — all human beings, no matter who we are or how far we've come in life -- are at various levels of STUCK.  We are all continually reaching for our next level of manifesting our purpose on this Earth, searching for new and more effective ways to express the essence of our True Selves.

But that full expression of who you are -- which is THE KEY to that little thing we call HAPPINESS -- is directly linked to the amount of VITALITY, or LIFE ENERGY you cultivate.

Life's enjoyment

And the amount of LIFE ENERGY you are able to cultivate is linked to how well you CARE FOR YOURSELF.

Whether you are just starting to look for a more effective path to self-care and self-realization, or you've been at it for years (even decades)... You, like me, are always looking to be a more complete, more powerful, more creative version of you.  It’s what makes us who we are -- that continual desire to evolve and grow.

This page is here to help you master all that stuff.

And by “stuff” I mean…

The Awakening And Cultivation Of Your Innate Healing Intelligence


Healing Intelligence is essentially the field of energy that infuses your entire body-mind and guides it towards wholeness at all times.

You are already a healer. Body, Mind, and Spirit are already unified. You don't have to go anywhere or buy anything or even read anything to get back to living your greatest life. The blueprint, the entire thing, is right here within you this very moment.

You've just fallen "out of sync" with it.

You're not alone. Our world is full of misguided beliefs about health, wellness, and self-development. Nobody teaches us this stuff in school and, more than likely, nobody taught it to your parents either.

And, to me, that's a shame. Because your greatest gift is YOU. The sum total of who and what you are. You are, literally, a miracle, a Universe, an oscillating, pulsating, LIVING representation of creation.

Yet, nobody, it seems, thought it was worthwhile to teach you how to optimize, maximize, and fully express your creative potential as a human Body-Mind-Spirit. Very few even teach it today.

But, it is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you will EVER LEARN.


Because when you learn how to awaken and cultivate your Innate Healing Intelligence, you have opened the door to truly fulfilling your purpose, your destiny.

And, that's because the healing wisdom you embody knows EXACTLY HOW TO GET YOU THERE. It knows EXACTLY WHAT YOUR MOST POWERFUL, REALIZED, and COMPLETE self is. Free of pain and major illness. Free of limitations imposed by outdated beliefs. Free from depression, anxiety, anger, regret, shame, guilt...

This Works For Everybody - Including You

This works for you, me, and everybody else because, at our deepest core level, we are all a spark from the same infinite, limitless flame that continually creates everything. While there are differences and things that make us unique, our basic needs, drives, and instincts are identical.  It works for people struggling with chronic issues like depression, infertility, hormonal imbalance, autoimmune disease, IBS, thyroid problems, PCOS, endometriosis, pain, and any condition of incomplete healing. It also works for people who already feel "ok", who aren't "sick", but want to access more of the deep, untapped reserves of potential they know they have.

And, it works FAST.

That's because your body-mind-spirit Healing Intelligence moves at light speed. There's no barrier it can't penetrate. There's no place it can't illuminate. And, when you create the opening, its full power is unleashed IMMEDIATELY. Not in a week, not in months or years. Right here, right now.

Healing Intelligence moves at light speed.

Healing Intelligence moves at light speed.

There are three very important things to note here, and I want to make sure you understand them now:

  1. Your potential to heal is limitless, but will go only as far as you allow it.
  2. Healing comes from within, but does sometimes require the use of TOOLS like medication, nutrition, exercise, and other means.
  3. To heal, you must first LOVE YOURSELF COMPLETELY AND UNCONDITIONALLY. This is the foundation of the entire process.

The Truth About Healing

Whether you realize it or not, you are continually seeking wholeness -- healing.

To heal is to "make whole", to take something that is not unified and re-unify it. Your body naturally does this if it is cut, broken, or injured in any way. It immediately and without question seeks to re-unify and regenerate those tissues that have become separated or non-functional.


Energy shapes matter. What you see "out there" is a reflection of your beliefs about yourself. You are co-creating your world.

Energy shapes matter. What you see "out there" is a reflection of your beliefs about yourself. You are co-creating your world.

No matter what you seek, whether it is to conceive and birth a child, be rid of continual pain, have more energy or to lose weight, or heal from any type of chronic condition, YOU ARE SEEKING A GREATER DEGREE OF WHOLENESS. You see that which you currently don't have (child, energy, pain relief, thinness, a calm digestive system, no hot flashes, periods that don't debilitate you) as something that is MISSING. You instinctively want it because you know it is necessary for the fulfillment of a greater version of YOU.

So, regardless of your condition, your illness, your imbalance, your diagnosis... Whatever you are seeking, you think you don't already have it. And, this is the big mistake, it's what just about everyone gets wrong.

But, this isn't a competition and you're not being graded. So, when I tell you you're "wrong", I'm not blaming you. I mean more "misguided" than "wrong". Virtually NOBODY is properly educated in what I'm talking about. Including myself. I had to learn most of this on my own, through intense study and work.

My hope is that by creating this Academy, and sharing what I have discovered with you, that you will not have to suffer for long. That you will unlock the massive, unfathomable force that already lies within you and knows the entire path to get you where you want to be -- which is RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, FULL OF INSPIRATION AND CREATIVE ENERGY.

And, It's Not About Victory. It's About FREEDOM.

This isn't a competition to see who is right, or who is the smartest, or who can be the most self-reliant or have the most friends. This is simply about the full expression of your healing potential, which means the fullest expression of YOU.

The conventional wisdom holds that in order to have more freedom, you need more money. And, having more money gives you more time, which leads to more freedom.

But, it's a lie. The highway of life is littered with the broken down bodies and minds of those who seek money as a vehicle to freedom. And, even more so, those who have bought into the illusion that having less work time is equivalent to having more freedom.

Here's what gives you more freedom: More YOU.  More of what inspires you, brings you joy, and gives you a platform to do what you love and be who you are.

Freedom comes not from more money or more free time. It comes from more YOU.

Freedom comes not from more money or more free time. It comes from more YOU.

No amount of money can buy that, and no amount of time is required to achieve it.

You already have all you need to break free, to be the fullness of who you are. It doesn't cost a dime, and it doesn't involve a single second of effort so there's no time commitment.

You simply open your heart to yourself, RIGHT NOW, THIS MOMENT, no matter where you are, who you are with, or what you are doing. Whatever your age, whatever your "status", whatever your career and education. You start here, now.

But, First... Let's Be Clear On What "Wellness" Really Is

Just because you are not sick does not mean you are well. I know that may come across as harsh or blunt, but it absolutely needs to be said.

The modern health crisis we face in today's world is not one of environmental toxins or processed foods or GMO crops or anything else external, really. It is that the average person is satisfied with not being sick. It is that the average person, in the absence of a diagnosed illness or disease, thinks they're healthy.

The majority of people believe that if the aren't overtly sick, they're well. This simply isn't true.

The majority of people believe that if the aren't overtly sick, they're well. This simply isn't true.

But "not sick" is a far cry from WELL, alive, full of life, and living with purpose. This is a VERY important distinction.

Conventional medicine has produced some of the most important advances of our time, that have allowed us to live longer lives and routinely conquer diseases that, at one time, meant certain death. Without vaccines and antibiotics, for example, it is not likely that I would be writing this, or that you would be here reading it now.

Therefore, it's VERY IMPORTANT to be able to go from sick to "not-sick". If you have pneumonia or a kidney infection or a gallbladder that is about to rupture, by all means use the conventional tools to get yourself to "not-sick" as quickly and efficiently as possible. That's what surgery, drugs, and conventional procedures are for.

Once the sickness is under control -- the bacteria in the lungs is eradicated or the kidney function is normalized -- this is where conventional medicine stops. There is no language, no lexicon, no methodology in allopathic medicine for restoring, tonifying, and maximizing function.

That's because, to a large extent, the allopathic model is based on the premise that your body breaks, and it is not at all intelligent. It needs drastic intervention because it doesn't know how to fix itself and that, without the powerful drugs and surgeries and procedures, it just falls apart.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

As I stated earlier, your body is an exquisitely intelligent self-healing entity. It is literally an extension of your awareness, your consciousness. Is it fragile at times? Yes. Does it sometimes have difficulty overcoming pathogens that cause disease or disharmony. Absolutely...

But, your body is ALWAYS primed to heal, always expressing its greatest ability to continue supporting your physical existence. Even in the face of devastating concentrations of glucose, caffeine, processed foods, GMO crops, environmental toxins -- it keeps going. It keeps working. It keeps living.

Is it better to avoid these dietary and environmental triggers for disease? Absolutely. Is it necessary? In my view, no. You are not made of paper and your body is primed for survival.

What IS necessary, however, is an awareness of, and a desire to, support, cultivate, and strengthen the Healing Intelligence your body already expresses. When you focus your intention in this direction, you naturally move away from that which harms and towards that which helps. It is effortless.

But it has to start with a VERY important first step, or the whole thing falls apart. This is the foundation of all healing... It is step one.

Step One: Ruthlessly Love Yourself

This is sometimes a controversial topic. We're taught from the time we're children (hopefully) to "not be selfish". Share, and be nice and helpful to others.

We're also taught to be "humble", which is the opposite of "proud".

And, to a child who doesn't really have a full understanding of the depth of emotion in all that, it's easy for there to be misunderstandings.

Being humble does not mean self-deprecation. Being a person who shares does not mean you give yourself away.

The fact is, most people grow up with some form of self-loathing, self-pity, self-questioning, even self-mistrust. We're bombarded with messages, not just from school, society, parents, and media, but from our own internal egos, that we're not "enough", that we may not be making the best decisions, and that we simply don't have most things figured out.

There is a balance here. You do need to have some level of "manners", in a sense. It's rude and, quite frankly, mean to love yourself AT OTHERS' EXPENSE. When you practice this kind of self-love, others become mere pawns in your game of always getting what you want.

But, the irony is that this kind of self-love -- the kind that seeks self-enrichment and self-aggrandizement at others' expense -- is not love at all. It is a reflection of someone who is completely terrified inside, and feels they have no inherent value.

Same goes for the person who is continually self-deprecating and putting him/herself below others. Or, the person who never trusts his/her own instincts and always needs someone else to validate their decisions. Or, someone who continually compares him/herself to others and puts themselves in a negative light.

In all these cases, the love is self-centered, egotistical, and occurs AT THE EXPENSE OF OTHERS.

Why? Because these types of love - based in fear, shame, guilt, anger - HOLD YOU BACK FROM THE FULLNESS OF WHO YOU ARE. They block you from expressing your creative magnificence. In essence, you are robbing the world of your own greatness.

And, the most important thing to keep in mind here: If you are engaging in these patterns, it's is BY CHOICE. Nobody is making you do it, and you're not the hapless victim of "programming". A child who has not reached emotional maturity has that excuse. You do not.

You must EMBRACE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY. Love yourself with a fierceness that may seem foreign to you but is, in fact, completely innate. In fact, that fierce love is exactly what you are made of. It is the base material of your existence.

Bambina al mare che ride

The moment of your first heartbeat... That was the moment you said YES. That was the moment the Divine Love you embody moved from pure Spirit into physical form. And, it was YOUR CHOICE. You DID IT.

You chose this.

You chose this.

Since then, you may have had a journey filled with difficulties, trials, victories and defeats. All along the way, that Original Love has been inside you. Correction: You have been the embodiment of that Original Love - you ARE it.

And, the first step to your complete healing and the emergence of your deepest, most true self is to reclaim that love FOR YOURSELF.

It's not a selfish love. It's not a greedy love. It's a pure, unconditional, limitless, merciful, forgiving, completely open kind of love. It's the kind of love you feel when you see a baby smile at you. You can't help but smile back, no matter how bad your day is or how difficult things have been going for you.

THIS is what you must invest in. First and foremost, LOVE YOURSELF COMPLETELY. When you start there, you begin your healing, EFFORTLESSLY. That is because you are tapping into the great reserves of healing energy that exist at all times, in all places, and in limitless supply. It naturally begins to spread and touch every aspect of your being, like the sunlight naturally and effortlessly gives life to everything on Earth.

Suddenly you begin to know what to do. You begin to see your unfathomable value. You begin to sense your true power.

And, it becomes incredibly easy to take care of your body. Your self-care regimen is no longer complicated because it's not based in fear, or shame, or guilt, or anger anymore.

Step Two: Understand Your Cosmology

The following diagram illustrates, in clear and concise fashion, how you are constructed. Not your anatomy, not your physiology... Your cosmology. The template of YOU as UNIVERSE.


Yep, that's it. Seriously.

There are three basic components to this cosmology. If you properly and clearly understand them, you will have a map of self that is unfailing, that will allow you to put everything in its proper perspective, and that supports the complete and permanent reclaiming of your power and your purpose.

The components are:

  1. The Boundary - Look at the outside of the circle. That's your "boundary" -- the line between "inner" and "outer", between what's happening outside of you and what's happening inside of you. If you want, you can say it's the line between what you perceive with your five senses, and what you experience as thought and emotion. You can even say that outer line is your skin, which defines what is "YOU" and "NOT YOU".
  2. The Body-Mind - The space between the outer circle and dot in the center is your "inner world". Thoughts, feelings, emotions, and -- yes -- physiology and biology. Your cells and tissues are included in this inner world as well. Organs, glands, hormones, peptides, neurotransmitter, bone, muscle. It's all in there. Body and Mind are the INNER WORLD via which you perceive and experience "outer world".
  3. Heart-Essence - Finally, the dot in the center... that's your core, that's your true self, what I call HEART-ESSENCE. Immutable, eternal, and incredibly powerful. It is from this place that you emerged at your very first heartbeat all those "years" ago, and it is to this place you shall return. It is who you truly are. You as the infinite, eternal spark of Creative Spirit. Immensely powerful, kind, loving, and purposeful.

Here's the same diagram with a little more detail for you.


The interesting this about this cosmology is that it can be found literally EVERYWHERE. It represents, in a sense, a holographic model of living things, of Universal life patterning.





This spectacular image of the large spiral galaxy NGC 1232 was obtained on September 21, 1998, during a period of good observing conditions. It is based on three exposures in ultra-violet, blue and red light, respectively. The colours of the different regions are well visible : the central areas contain older stars of reddish colour, while the spiral arms are populated by young, blue stars and many star-forming regions. Note the distorted companion galaxy on the left side, shaped like the greek letter "theta". NGC 1232 is located 20º south of the celestial equator, in the constellation Eridanus (The River). The distance is about 100 million light-years, but the excellent optical quality of the VLT and FORS allows us to see an incredible wealth of details. At the indicated distance, the edge of the field shown corresponds to about 200,000 light-years, or about twice the size of the Milky Way galaxy. The image is a composite of three images taken behind three different filters: U (360 nm; 10 min), B (420 nm; 6 min) and R (600 nm; 2:30 min) during a period of 0.7 arcsec seeing. The field shown measures 6.8 x 6.8 arcmin. North is up; East is to the left. #L

It is NOT A COINCIDENCE that your cells, the Earth, the Solar System, the Galaxy you inhabit all have common structure. A core, a body, and a boundary.

That's the point I want you to understand. YOU ARE A UNIVERSE. Literally. So is every cell of your body, every organ, tissue... every atom and molecule. You are, literally a Universe contained within a larger Universe that contains billions of smaller Universes.

Do not take this for granted. You are precious, and you are a living embodiment of immense creative power.

So, the question isn't how you GET MORE creative power... It's how you CONCENTRATE AND UNLEASH the creative power you already embody.

You do this by reclaiming the power you already have. It's already there, it's yours, and IT'S FREE. That's right, FREE. It costs nothing because you never lost it and you've always owned it.

Step Three: Consciously Seek CLARITY

I'm an acupuncturist, nutritional and herbal therapist, and mind-body coach. That's what I do in my clinic. So, you may be asking yourself, "What does all this have to do with health and wellness and the stuff you do, Chris?"


You see, all healing - physical, mental, and spiritual - arises first and foremost out of STRENGTH. And, STRENGTH cannot be achieved without CLARITY. And, CLARITY is what allows the Healing Intelligence within you to function at its highest level.

Clarity means exactly what it says -- a clear path, clear vision, clear thinking, clear fluid, clear tissue. Not clear as in transparent, but clear as in unimpeded, unobstructed, unfettered.

Take your hormonal system. This is something I've been working on in my clinic with thousands of people over the past 12 years. Your hormonal system is, in essence, a communication network. It is a signaling system that happens entirely within the inner part of your circle.

Ripples in Water ca. 2000

Your hormonal signaling system is like a rippling across water -- signals pulse outwards and are received by the glands that make the hormones. Then, the wave returns to center and balance is restored.

You already contain the complete blueprint for the most optimal, realized functioning of this system... For complete and unquestioned hormonal balance. When your hormones aren't balanced -- and all of the consequences that ensue from that -- it simply means you lack clarity. Something is blocking the signals and, consequently, the messages are not clear.

Think of an army for a moment. The army must move as a coordinated, congruent whole if it is to be effective. And, its ability to do so is 100% dependent on its ability to communicate clearly between all the divisions.

An army, with a clear and open communication system, is unstoppable. Everything moves in synchrony and its full power is manifest. That's because, in essence, whatever that army is doing they are responding to actual conditions on the ground, rather than inaccurate or incomplete information.

In summary, they are responding to the real situation at hand.

But, if that communication system is in any way compromised, confusion quickly ensues. Movements are no longer synchronized, and in many cases the units are reacting or acting based on misunderstanding and flat out inaccurate information.

Think of your body and all its cells as a unified entity, attempting to move in the same direction and conquer the same territory... The clarity within YOU is paramount.

When you don't have clarity -- meaning that there is too much interference on the network -- it is difficult if not IMPOSSIBLE to function as a unified entity. You feel disconnected, disjointed, frustrated... STUCK. Not only that, you are more prone to disease and -- unfortunately -- less prone to finding your way out of it.

That's not because something is BROKEN. Your cells -- the "soldiers" in your proverbial army -- are all well-trained, well-equipped and extremely loyal and full of desire to be of service.

They're simply not able to get the job done because the message isn't coming through clearly. The orders, the supplies, the vehicles, the tools they need simply aren't there when they need them. And, even when the supplies, orders, and tools arrive, they may not be sufficient or -- even worse -- aren't even what they asked for.

So, to achieve healing you must have STRENGTH and strength requires CLARITY. And, that is where what I do comes into play.

The biggest part of my work as healer, and as teacher in this academy, is to help you gain more clarity. That increased clarity mostly involves you getting out of your own way. It involves eating foods that convey nature's intelligence to your body. It often involves the therapeutic use of herbs and vitamins to give full and powerful support to the cells and tissues that need them so they can carry out their purpose with vitality and vigor. And, it also may involve acupuncture which is perhaps our greatest external tool for the subtle awakening and gentle direction of Healing Intelligence.

And, achieving clarity ALWAYS involves you making a commitment to change your perspective and adopt a more positive, hopeful outlook. To take proper care of body AND mind...

Once you begin doing this, THEN you begin moving forward as a unified entity. Body, Mind, and Spirit begin moving in the SAME DIRECTION.

That, my friend, is TRUE STRENGTH.


When you have clarity of Body, Mind, and Spirit, your full potential is realized naturally and effortlessly.

There is one critical thing to mention here. When you begin to clarify body and mind, YOU naturally emerge. You become more creative, more resourceful, more in-tune, more CERTAIN, and more HAPPY.

Why? Because as your True Self, as the Spark of Creative Spirit you embody, you've ALWAYS been creative, resourceful, in-tune, certain, and happy.

Clarity gives your light a chance to shine. Finally.

Step Four: Reclaim Your Power

In our world, we are taught mostly to look outside of ourselves for acceptance, love, and validation.

By continually looking for it "out there", your energy is continually being scattered. You are continually GIVING AWAY YOUR POWER, and often to people you don't even know.

Power moving outward

By looking outside yourself for validation and acceptance, you give away your power and scatter your energy, dramatically weakening your healing potential.

There is another condition, where you place too much power in your thoughts and emotions... You continually believe your fears, your guilt, your shame. You live in continual inner struggle, and go from problem to problem. It seems like things never settle down. Here's what THAT looks like:


By continually focusing inward on your own thoughts and fears, your power and energy are locked in constant struggle and pain. This is actually very draining to your body's healing resources.

In this situation, there is an over-emphasis on your own thoughts and feelings. It seems like everyone is against you, or you take things personally all the time. Even things like changes companies make (i.e. the famous Starbucks Christmas cup scandal) seem to be about you, and cause internal strife and upset.

In both situations above -- power being overly external, or overly internal -- you have lost your connection to Heart-Essence. You are giving your power to things that aren't real, that aren't relevant to who you truly are. This causes a gradual, but dramatic, scattering of your healing resources. Over time, the depletion is pronounced. You age faster, you're more prone to chronic disease and, when you do get sick, your recovery is potentially a lot more difficult.

So, the fundamental shift to begin your healing process is this: Your perspective must change. FIRST AND FOREMOST, you must see yourself as you truly are.


Yes, that is you. You are, in essence, a star. An immensely powerful point of light. An emanation of that eternal Creative Spirit that never loses its power.

So, an extremely critical step is to begin bringing your power back where it belongs - WITHIN. And, it's easier than you think.

As I always like to point out, everything I'm saying here is already known to you. Completely. You contain this entire blueprint already and it's not so much a matter of "learning it", it's more a matter of "reconnecting" with it or "remembering" it or "expressing" it.

So, you begin reclaiming your power simply by REMEMBERING WHO YOU ARE. You are a star, you are immensely powerful. YOU ARE CREATING THIS.

You remind yourself of this whenever you can. When you're having a good time, when you're having a difficult time. When you're out with friends, when you're alone. Just keep reminding yourself, "I am creating this now. I choose how much power I give to this (feeling|person|situation|problem). I choose now to reclaim my power, fully and completely."

That's it. That's the entire process, in a nutshell.

The more you practice it, the better you get, and the more you realize just how true it is...

Feeling like your boss is upsetting you? Acknowledge yourself as creator and reclaim your power.

Continually struggling with an illness or painful condition? Acknowledge yourself as creator and reclaim your power.

In a financial bind? Acknowledge yourself as creator and reclaim your power.

Once you begin this process and commit to it, a quantum shift takes place. Your entire life changes. Mental, emotional, physical healing of a kind you could not previously imagine becomes possible. That's because you are now aligned with, and expressing, Heart-Essence. You are, in effect, LIVING YOUR TRUTH.


THIS is where all healing potential is released, expressed, and realized. THIS is where you become the fullness of WHO YOU ARE.

So, at this point, there's only one thing left to do...

Step Five: Be A Continually Outward-Radiating Source of Loving-Kindness

Life can be tough at times. In fact, it can be tough all the time. From the moment of conception and birth, through childhood and young adulthood, into middle age and even our twilight years, we face challenges, tests, insults, and painful experiences. We often perceive these experiences to be coming from outside of us, from the area beyond our boundary where "the world" is. Other people, circumstances, "luck" or lack of it, expectations, goals, plans... All that stuff "out there" that we allow to test us, to stretch us, to crush us and then lift us up again.

Once you begin to realize that everything -- EVERYTHING -- is happening within the realm of body-mind, and that all beyond your boundary is a reflection of your relationship to your own eternal, unconditional power... something changes. It is a pivotal moment not just in your life now, but in your Eternal Life. For you now see something that few see -- you realize your power as creator of your life.

You get to create what you want. You no longer place your power in things outside the boundary. You also no longer spend your energy in power struggles with those around you. You have claimed your power, and you have let go of the illusion that you have any power over others.

This realization, this new way of life, presents a golden opportunity to become a transformative force in the lives of others. In fact, I would argue that it is almost an obligation - once you have begun to fully access your power - to use it to help others. And, this doesn't require a career change (although it certainly can and makes a career change MUCH EASIER to navigate because you know WHY you're doing it and you're doing it with awareness and passion).

In my estimation, the most important step in this process is to take your new found freedom and multiply it infinitely by being a continually outward-radiating source of loving-kindness.

When you become a self-sustaining source of loving-kindness, you continually radiate that energy outward, attracting and creating your positive, healing Universe...

When you become a self-sustaining source of loving-kindness, you continually radiate that energy outward, attracting and creating your positive, healing Universe...

You see, there are no more "victories" now. You are completely victorious in that you have claimed your birthright as Heart-Essence, as a creative, self-realized soul. There are other stages of growth ahead of you, but you have passed the seed stage and you are now fearlessly moving upward and outward and sending your roots deep.

This moment, right here, right now you shift your entire dynamic and, like the sun, you collapse inwards with such force that the result is a powerful, shining, brilliant light that gives life to whoever and whatever comes into your sphere of influence. It is effortless, and it is what you were designed to do.

And it all starts with a fierce, ruthless, completely authentic love for YOU, from YOU. Not the kind of love that excludes or belittles others -- for that is pride, not love. The kind of love that melts away all pain and desire for personal gain. The kind of love that says "this is enough, I am full, I have arrived and I am whole."

The Effortlessness Of This Path

The beautiful thing about this is that it takes NO effort. Seriously. None.

Note I didn't say it doesn't take WORK. There is WORK involved. But, this isn't the kind of work you've been taught.

There is a daily practice involved, and that practice starts with, as I said, ruthlessly loving yourself with a kindness and mercy that is unshakable and uncompromising.

And, that love becomes fuel -- rocket fuel -- the most powerful fuel you've ever known. And, it propels you forward like a rocket towards your destiny.

The WORK here is to keep yourself focused on that love and, when you go through periods where you lose that focus, to turn back to it... The work is a continual turning back to that authentic, merciful kindness and love and continually turning that love back on yourself FIRST.

The process of continual returning... Turning back towards self-directed loving-kindness. It never ends.

The process of continual returning... Turning back towards self-directed loving-kindness. It never ends.

You will then begin to see your "to-do" list. It is the to-do list you've been carrying with you for lifetime after lifetime, since your inception at the creation of the entire Universe. The love you radiate becomes the light that allows you to see what you need to do, what your purpose is.

And, like a moth to a flame, you are compelled to follow it. Nothing can stop you. You are suddenly inspired to move in a way that you've never moved before. There is POWER in your steps, there is LIFE in your mind and body that, until now, was completely dormant.

You won't be sitting around doing nothing (although when you do sit around doing nothing you won't feel guilt about it anymore)! You'll be doing all kinds of things that relate to you becoming YOU. To the emergence of you as Heart-Essence, as the creative, transformative, immense source of light and truth that you ALREADY ARE.

This is not effort. This is FLOW.

Life As Medicine

You'll also begin to realize that everything in your life is medicine. Not just the foods you're eating, or the pills you're swallowing. The thoughts and feelings inside you, the words you speak both to yourself and others, the way you walk and carry yourself, the way you respond to the joys, frustrations, and pains of yourself and others... ALL OF IT IS MEDICINE. ALL OF IT HEALS.

This is a life-changing realization that you will one day have, if you follow the steps I outline above.

In fact, if you follow the steps I outline above, your intuition and sense of direction will be so enhanced that you won't NEED to follow any coaches or teachers. That doesn't mean you won't WANT to, because your appetite for learning new things, and your natural curiosity about life, will expand beyond anything you can imagine.

But, you will have unlocked the mysterious code of creation - that eternally intelligent blueprint - that is surging through the entire Universe right now. In every grain of sand, ocean, tree, open air space, star, solar system, cell, organ... this code pulsates and oscillates and speaks. Here, now... in YOU.

The blueprint for every kind of medicine you need is within -- you unlock it and access it by LIVING your most AUTHENTIC LIFE.

The blueprint for every kind of medicine you need is within -- you unlock it and access it by LIVING your most AUTHENTIC LIFE.

And, all the medicines we create or that exist in nature already are merely reflections of THAT medicine.

Taking Medicine Is Not A Sign Of Weakness

Therefore, taking medicine is not a sign of weakness at all. Medicine is a tool, a means of adjusting, resetting, guiding. And, that's all it is. The judgments so many attach to certain kinds of medicine are just that -- judgments.

Drugs, hormones, supplements, vitamins -- they are all part of the field. They are all part of YOU. They ALL have their place. There is absolutely no point in creating more shame, guilt, fear, or anger over these things. If you need them, take them. If you don't, let them go. Stop carrying them with you and, along with them, your opinions and arguments for or against them.

Upset by this picture? Don't be. It's just medicine. And, there's no shame in needing to take it. Taking it does not decrease your value or in any way indicate "weakness".

Upset by this picture? Don't be. It's just medicine. And, there's no shame in needing to take it. Taking it does not decrease your value or in any way indicate "weakness".

Just because you have reclaimed your power, or are on the path to reclaiming it, does not make you exempt from illness. We all fall ill at one time or another because life is a continual balance between "order" and "chaos" and there is no such thing as a "perfectly healthy" living entity. Things will always embody a certain amount of flux and variability. It's simply how life works.

So, contrary to what may believe, illness is not a sign of weakness of imperfection. It is not a sign that something is "broken". It is not an indication of "failure".

Illness simply represents a learning opportunity you've created for yourself. NO MATTER WHAT IT IS. The most minor to the most grave. You created it to learn from it. You created it to gain wisdom and grow from it. Even if an illness is terminal there is, until the very last breath, the chance to open to a greater vision and a more authentic version of YOU.

So, never despair. Never give up hope. You may think there's an end point, but there isn't. Life is a circle, a continuous, complete, and perfect circle in which all of us constantly cycle in and out of existence, in and out of pain, in and out of joy. This is the nature of existence, and at the center of it all is you as creator, as Heart-Essence, as PURE JOY.

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