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An ever-growing library of wellness courses based on REAL clinical experience.

(It's just some of our most helpful tips from the past decade-plus helping over 4000 people just like you with 100% natural medicine. All distilled into short, simple, to-the-point online courses you can access anytime, anywhere and refer back to anytime, anywhere.)

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In all seriousness... Every day in the clinic I see lives transformed by our simple, natural approach. And, I'm on a mission to help 10,000 more people experience a positive transformation in their lives, too. So, I've created this free online academy as a way to accomplish that mission. I sincerely hope you'll be one of those who chooses to step up for yourself and learn how to live your greatest life..

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And, from what we can tell, people really do like this stuff...

Chris always teaches in a way that makes it relevant and easy to apply in "real life". I highly recommend him both as a teacher and if you are looking for one-on-one help.



I've learned more in a 90-minute seminar from Chris than in books and books on weight loss and hormones. He really knows his stuff and he gets right to the point.



I've taken several of Chris' live seminars and I always come away with something I can put into practice in my daily life. He has a gift for taking what seem like complicated things and making them simple and applicable.



I'm really excited Chris is doing this Academy. I've been both a patient and a "student" of his for several years and all I can say is his information and the way he delivers it is life-changing.


Petroleum Engineer